Benefits of Using the Pro-Lock Valve

Lockouts at your warehouse signal a problem with the machine or piece of equipment and alert others to the problem so no further injuries or damages occur. It’s important that lockout tags are placed on the machinery and equipment that has sustained a problem. The pro-lock valve lock system is one of the best that can suffice your needs.

The pro-lock valve is chosen over others because it is durable, affordable, and makes it easier to cater to your needs. Employees and others within the facility are safe when this lock is in place and you gain peace of mind with this information in mind. The locking valve system is oftentimes used to replace more expensive padlocks, chains, and security seals, but can also be used to complement them if you so choose.

The lock is made from durable copolymer polypropylene with all internal parts made from stainless steel materials. It is then PVC coated, galvanized, and cut to the appropriate length. Some situations require that the locking system be left on a roll. The protection that your parts receive when they’re made with quality components is second to none.

If you want a lockout system that is easy to use and efficient, you’ve found it. It’s easy to secure machines and equipment using the system – simply pass the cable through the handle with the provided tools. It takes only a couple of seconds to add this locking system to the machinery so you’re on your way to other things in minutes.

pro-lock valve lock system

The fact that the locking valve is reusable is also one that makes a big impact on your satisfaction. Once the machinery/equipment is repaired, remove the valve lock and store it in a cabinet or safety container until it’s needed again.