How to Program a Kenwood Two-Way Radio

Kenwood is a brand of audio and radio equipment that has been around for generations. In fact, the Japanese manufacturer has an assortment of two-way radios that people use at home and at work for easier communication with employees, clients, and others whom are not within the same area. Some people even collect the antique Kenwood two-way radios. Even the older model radios still work!

If you own a Kenwood two-way radio, programming the frequency is one of the first things that must be done in order for the contraption to work the way that it is designed. No matter who you are, programming the two-way is fairly simple and requires only 5- 10 minutes of your time. Follow the instructions below to program you two-way radio like a pro.

First, be sure that the correct kenwood radio battery is available. Any two-way radio that you own needs a battery to operate.  Many radio battery suppliers carry the Kenwood brand and offer a slew of options to suffice your needs. Now, on to the fun stuff!

Complete these steps to quickly program your two-way radio.

1.    Turn the radio off.

2.    Hold down the ‘Menu’ key for one second.

3.    Use the arrow keys on the radio to select the channel. The channel selected affects the frequency, so don’t rush to pick a channel until you’re confident that it has the best sound waves to transmit your conversations.

4.    Press “Menu.”

5.    Repeat the three steps above for the channels that you wish to program into the radio.

6.    Press Mon, Cal, or PTT to exit and complete the process.

7.    Next, turn the radio off. Hold down the menu key and turn on the radio again.

kenwood radio battery

8.    Press the up or down arrow. Wait until ‘SC’ appears on the screen.

9.    Press the arrow button again. Hold until ‘Scan’ flashes on the screen. Your radio is now programmed and will connect frequencies that are in the range of the radio.