Setting Up Your End Of Biz Was Easy But Then There Was The IT

At least that way you still know you’re human. And lo and behold, you’re going to make a few.  Maybe you have already. Maybe not. Mistakes. Setting up your end of your business was just so easy. You know your stuff. One town and you know your customers too. But bless their hearts, their loyal hearts, for supporting you all this time.

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But nothing personal, it’s not them, it’s just business. You need more. More clients and how to find them across the state. And then you remembered. You need information technology services for businesses bakersfield ca.

It has nothing to do with being human, but you barely know how to use a computer. Yes, you can switch it on. You can connect to your email account and the internet. You can type up a few memos and documents, and you can even work with spreadsheets, but only up to a point.

You still don’t know how to install your own software. And because like many small businesses, you’ve been working thoroughly to make yours as unique as possible. That way people would notice, right? So, no problem; one or two social media accounts and there you go, marketing and advertising all sorted out.

But you wait. And you wait. It’s been days. You tap-tap your screen. You look under the laptop. Is there something wrong with the device? No, the computer’s fine, you can hear it humming from a mile off. But that’s just the thing. It’s not supposed to hum. And it’s warm. And it seems to be hotter than it is out there.

So many things you think you can do. And yet still. So many things you can’t do, not without the help of your IT guy.